2020 Silver Rose - Ken Forrester Wines

2020 Silver Rose - Ken Forrester Wines


100 % Grenache 

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Hand havested to select the finest grapes

9 months maturing on the fine lees in tank



I simply love Grenache Rosé - I love it for all the red fruit flavours, the strawberry, pomegranate, red berry fruit and for the last few years we’ve experimented with a single vineyard rosé from Grenache.

So the intent was a delightful, softly pink, elegant fruit focused wine but it had to have structure
and body and a long finish on the palate - all of
this almost contrary to the fact that you press the grape gently and drain off just the freshest “free-run juice” with little or no chance of getting tannins or structure from the skins!

We are really thrilled with the result. The most daunting reality is we now have to somehow manage to do the same this vintage!